Eco Display & Event Alternative


Display and event solution are commonly used for marketing and promoting purposes. Hence, these items will be changed very often according to their marketing strategies. To minimize the impact to the environment, ReStore also provides an eco alternative for display and event industry.

Honeycomb Board

It is a 100% recyclable carton product. Its hexagonal structure provides extraordinary strength and makes it suitable as protection and other applications.

- Strength depends on the cell size and thickness.
- Can be directly printed
- Can be cut by plotter

Restore Eco Backdrop

As environmental has become more concern, people started to look for other alternatives instead of conventional tarpaulin. Eco backdrop is the alternative which is direct printed on honeycomb board and various shape can be cut by the plotter. - 100% recyclable
- Lightweight
- Easy to install.
- Reusable, can turn into other products after events.

Restore Eco Standee

Eco standee is an alternative for common standee which is usually not recyclable.

- 100% recyclable.
- Flat-packed
- Easy to assemble
- Direct printed and cut into preferred shape.

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