Eco Logistics Alternatives


Pallets are commonly made of wood, plastic, and metal. In Restore, we always strive to make sustainable possible for every industry. Restore Eco Pallet is made of recycled paper and fully recyclable, minimize harvesting new resources for the pallet.


  • Exempted from ISPM-15, no fumigation or heat treatment is needed.
  • Lighter, save freight cost & lower the carbon emission during transportation.
  • Easier to customise according to clients’ usage.
  • Safer for operators & products while handling, no nails or splinters.
  • Recyclable & environmentally friendly, easy for disposal.
  • Space saving for storage, deliverable in semi assemble form & easy to assemble.
  • Strong, passed in SIRIM TEST.


  • Manufacturers From
  • Electronic & Electrical Industry,
  • Pharmaceutical Industry,
  • Latex & Nitrile Glove Industry,
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods Industry
  • 2. Supply Chain & Logistics Companies
  • 3. Exporters

Compressed Paper Series

  • Made by compressed recycled paper component with a patented LUL structure.
  • Shock absorb
  • Suitable for heavy loads.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Water-resistant (Optional)

Standard Model

Let us know, we can always tailor the payload and dimension for you.

Optinal add-on:

1.Water Coating 2. Cornre Protector
2 way pallet Spec: 5 Panel x 3BF Runner
4 way pallet Spec: 5 Panel x 3BF Runner

Honeycomb Board Series

  • Consist of honeycomb board as the top panel and patented PallRun as the runner.
  • Very lightweight, perfect for air freight.
  • Suitable for heavy loads.
  • Resistant to side-impact and dragging.
  • Strong laminated carton board runner.
  • Roll conveyor use possible.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Carton board pallet foot for replacing wooden or other kinds of pallet runners/ pallet.
  • A combination of compact carton board and stabilisation elements.
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to humidity.
  • Excellent self-adhesive option.
  • Different height options
  • Exempted from ISPM-15

Slip Sheet

  • Made from multiple plies of strong kraft liner board.
  • To replace heavy, bulky and expensive plastic or wooden pallets.
  • Hygienic
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Very lightweight, suitable for air freight.
  • Space-saving, 1000 slip sheets = 1-metre cube.
  • Compatible with standard forklifts outfitted with Push-Pull attachments, roller forks and modern conveyor systems


  • THE BOX is an alternative for wooden crate and an excellent way to ship your goods safely.
  • Lightweight & Strong.
  • Exempted from ISPM-15, no treatment needed.
  • Space-saving, flat-packed


W 800MM X L 1200MM X H 800MM
W 600MM X L 800MM X H 600MM

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